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Awarded the Ramsay Research Fund

The Ramsay Research Fund has awarded my proposal to develop an "AI Assistant for Semi-Autonomous Upper-Limb Robots".

Semi-autonomous robots (SARs) are mechanical devices controlled by human subjects with the purpose of assisting, supporting or substituting motor functions (e.g. prostheses or external arms attached to a wheel chair).

The application of SARs in different domains is extensive, and it is rapidly gaining ground, becoming a mainstream type of technology. By definition, SARs are in constant interaction with the user, which raises a specific set of technological challenges that are not considered in other robotic domains. Current Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are still not capable enough to control current mechatronic devices effectively and to their full potential.

This proposal tackles the widely acknowledged need of developing a new generation of SARs that potentates the functionality for users.


This proposal aims to extend our research directions to develop a new generation of intuitive, adaptable, and pro-active controllers for upper-limb SARs by the following means: - Improving and adapting Robot Perception, Robot Control, Machine Learning, and Augmented Feedback technologies to allow their application into SAR devices; - Integrating these advancements into a comprehensive framework that allow an SAR to become context and user aware.

The expected output is a modular and accessible tool to easily develop and deploy novel solutions for SARs, which would allow us to be competitive in this research area and access international fundings.

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