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Invited Speaker @'First Joint Workshop of Robotics and Mathematics'

First Joint Workshop of Robotics and Mathematics

This is a multidisciplinary workshop whose purpose is to bring together Robotics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Birmingham. It will open in the morning, with the talks from the Robotics Group led by Professor Rustam Stolkin.

In the afternoon, the many facets of our Applied Mathematics research are going to be presented. As usual, most of the discussion will take place at lunch and coffee breaks, and the dinner will also follow.


Vaughan Jeffreys Lecture Theatre, School of Education (R19 on campus map).


  1. Irum Mehboob ( School of Computer Science)

  2. Maxime Adjigble (School of Computer Science)

  3. Claudio Zito (School of Computer Science)

  1. Michal Kocvara

  2. Hong Duong

  3. Natalia Petrovskaya

  4. Tom Montenegro-Johnson

  5. Panayiota Katsamba

  6. Sam Johnson

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